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Teaching Writing

I approach writing as a craft – not only because it is a craft, but because that approach works. I respect teachers’ time, and I work to help teachers master strategies that improve students’ writing without taking over the teacher’s life. Less can be more, and I’ll show you how.

Prepping for the NYSTCE

I love teaching NYSTCE test-prep strategies to those who are entering the profession and those who are seeking additional certification(s). Weird, I know, but here’s why: when you’re teaching your own students, I want you to know how to teach THROUGH the test, not TO the test. Your time and your students’ time is valuable; I’ll share methods that will help you make the most of both.

About Me

I’m a writer and teacher with experience teaching writing and writing instruction in NYS grade schools and universities. And I’ve worked with scores of students to help them prepare to pass their NYSTCE exams, and many shelter dogs to help them be more adoptable.

My newsletter focuses on my work with shelter dogs, nature, and my own writing process: Of Dogs, Nature, and Writing

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